JULY 1st- JULY 3rd 2016

Department of Neurology, University Medical Centre Ljubljana,
ZaloŇ°ka cesta 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
July 1st - July 3rd


During an intensive 3-day course 32 participants will receive in-depth theoretical and practical training in different research applications of EEG in cognitive science and neuroscience. In addition to theoretical lectures, each participant will be instructed in EEG recording methodology by conducting a research-oriented EEG experiment in groups of four participants. Recording subjects will be provided by the organisers. The entire last day will be devoted to hands-on EEG analysis of the gathered data with the BrainVision Analyzer 2 software package. Participants (two per PC workstation) will be guided through the basics of EEG analysis: Artifact rejection, Ocular artifact correction, Filtering, Event Related Potentials, Spectral Analysis and more. The workshop is intended for beginners and complete novices in EEG methodology but intermediate users will find it informative as well.


Chair of Neurology, Medical Faculty,
University of Ljubljana
Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience,
Department of Neurology,
University Medical Centre Ljubljana